Our research in DataWorks has highlighted many of the labor and bias issues in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). We are beginning several new research projects that will explore those issues in labor and design opportunities to address them.  

AI/ML Design

AI/ML in the Food Labor Force

Explainable AI

Building off of our understanding of how data literacy can improve citizen participation in civics and everyday decision-making, we are exploring new ways to create explainable AI. This work is based upon theories of learning, leveraging socio-cognitive theory to build guidelines for corporate and academic organizations to provide more transparency to their products and research.  

One of our most fundamental needs, the production, and distribution of food, is shaped by AI/ML. Yet, very few people who work in the food industry are involved in this evolution. We are exploring ways to create more explainable AI related to the food industry by working with researchers from the digital humanities, food systems, participatory design, and the learning sciences.  

We are currently seeking funding for this work.