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Beats Empire

Beats Empire was developed to provide a playful assessment of students learning gains in data literacy. As part of the learning goals for the NYC CS4All program, computational data literacy content is being integrated into math, science, health, and other classes in middle schools. However, the teachers, who are not experts in computer science, need assistance with teaching. Beats Empire allows them to gauge student learning outcomes, with a fun activity. 

This project will address research questions related to formative assessment of student data science learning that will provide useful feedback to teachers, is engaging for students, and can be used across disciplines and curricula that are integrating CS content. 

This project is funded by the NSF STEM+C program and is a collaboration between Matthew Berland (U.W.–Madison), Nathan Holbert (Teachers College), Jeremy Roschelle (Digital Promise), Daisy Rutstein (SRI),  Betsy DiSalvo (Georgia Tech), and Filament Games.