Data Perspectives

As part of a National Science Foundation STEM+C award, we created Beats Empire. This open sandbox game provided formative feedback to teachers regarding student understanding of the CS constructs of data science. In this game, players manage a music studio by querying data on listener purchases, interests, and trends to decide about artists to sign and songs to record. 

Georgia Tech DataWorks recruits young people from communities historically minoritized in computing and employs them as data wranglers.

Through DataWorks, we hope to broaden participation in computing and, in the process, foster diverse approaches to data science, support equitable labor practices, and develop just forms of engagement between universities and communities.

Data Tools

My research seeks to understand how we might address issues related to data bias through new methods in workforce development, education, design and the creation of new data tools.  These are a few of the related projects: 

Tools for analyzing, cleaning, and visualizing data range in complexity and price. Our work with civic and non-profit employees who work with data and the DataWorks program has highlighted a need for more tools for mid-skill data work. To address this we are working on two new projects, first is a catalog of data tools that is searchable by skill level, task, and cost. Second is a suite of open source data tools that can be leveraged by civic and non-profit workers to help them make data-informed decisions.