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GT DataWorks is an outreach program, an educational program, and a research platform. GT DataWorks employs young people from communities historically minoritized in computing and employs them as data wranglers. Drawing from informal learning programs, such as Glitch Game Testers, we leveraged principles of legitimate peripheral participation to develop a community of practice centered around work with data. The motivation for creating DataWorks is two-fold. The first was to create a model for training members of historically minoritized communities in entry-level data science skills as a pathway to long-term, full-time employment. The second motivation for creating DataWorks is to develop a workplace training model that supports sustained research into the contextual qualities of data science in an authentic work environment. Through these efforts, we have developed new approaches to data science that acknowledge and respect diverse subjectivities and do not just reproduce the white, male, heteronormative hegemony of data science.